Tuval Üzerine Yağlı Boya Çalışmaları ve Resim Atölyesi


Tuval Üzeri Yağlı Boya Çalışmaları

“Every painting has a soul and its story is completed in you.” Each painting displayed on this page is subject to this adage. The essence of my feelings, thoughts, and hopes is conveyed through these brushstrokes. For this reason, it does not perfectly mimic the original; it displays some degree of imperfection and incompleteness.

My anecdotes remain exclusive to me, but the introspections I impart are open for your perusal. An essential component of this page is the “your story” section, where we have the opportunity to become acquainted with one another. Let the image be complete within your understanding, let its core be saturated with your influence. Let’s get started…

Before we start, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to my esteemed instructors, Hikmet Çetinkaya, Erdoğan Seçil, and Nusret Dökmeci.


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