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How often can you freeze the time? Can you stay right there at the moment without thinking about the past and future ? If your answer is “yes”, you are on the right track. However, be careful because you are in a minority and you are different. Such awareness never goes unpunished, it brings loneliness.

In the past, when yesterday, today and tomorrow were not so close to each other, time was spent more slowly and consciously. Today, when others are too involved in our lives and acting so nomadly, when superficial relationships start to throw dirt into our depths, we find ourselves confusing our priorities, forgetting to feel and understand life.

At the point where I could not contain this distress and rebellion any longer, I decided to take a breath with a personal revolution and freeze the time in my own way . That’s why I paint (Colors), take photos (Moments) and write (Letters). The other way is the whirlpool! Your back door in life may be different, but the process we will reach is the same; “FLOW”

Long story short; my art is for flow…



What if everything you look at is not what it seems to you, what if we all see it differently? I won’t go a step further and confuse you with the question “what if all you see is images in your mind and it doesn’t really exist” because that’s not the point of this page.

Let’s get back to our topic. Is it possible that you see in purple what I see in red? I’m sure that we don’t see the same thing, but I can’t prove. Yes, we will never know what the real red and purple are. Perhaps we should be grateful for that, because artistic freedom may even begin at this point.

No matter how a painting comes out of the artist’s mind and hand, its story is completed when one looks at it. In other words, a painting ends not with the signature of the artist, but with the the minds looking at it. Since you are here now, feel free to finalize these unfinished artworks. They’re all waiting for you to blend my red with your purple…



What a beautiful freedom to be able to freeze the time with a single sound and movement of ‘shutter’. When I start my journey ten years ago, I realized that photography is not just capturing a frame, it is understanding and making sense of it.

While that moment will never come again, you will move towards new paths and new stories for the next time. When you realize that your awareness has increased , your life will no longer be as it was before. You will start to see, but it will not be enough.

Showing what is as it is is a great success today, but my way is different which is seeing the frame inside the frame. Sometimes to leave it incomplete, sometimes to show by manuplating it. Swinging in the abyss between looking and seeing. Come and share, let’s have a look what we see together.


Blog Yazıları

“I was going to write a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time,” said Blaise Pascal. One of my favorite quotes… I have a lot of time so I’ll write it short. I promise you will always see a page of text in A4 size on this site. There is no more, no less.

I don’t speak a lot. To be honest, I have not seen much benefit when I have tried it. Every word written cautiously is much more powerful than a speech that lasts for hours. At the end, spoken words fly away, written words remain.

Everyone has a story. I’ll share first but as a quid pro quo, please share yours too. World is so crowded to have a monologue. What is your story ?



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Between the time I describe myself and the time you read it, I will have become a different me than the one I already told you about. Moreover, even if we talk to each other right now, I will choose words carefully and you will see me as you want to see. So neither you nor I will not be talking about the real me. So let’s go through this part quickly. As for the answer, “I am nothing”

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