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How frequently can you apply the brakes to the flow of time? Can you maintain your presence in the here and now, without being distracted by thoughts of the past or future? If your answer is “yes”, you are moving in the correct path. Bear in mind that you are part of a minority group and hold unique traits.

Yesteryears, when the gap between yesterday, today, and tomorrow was greater, time was perceived as passing more gradually and mindfully. Today’s picture significantly altered from what was previously expected. Most of the times, we find ourselves rushing, wasting and overlooking the sensation and meaning of existence.

Reaching a breaking point, I determined it was necessary for me to undergo a personal upheaval and momentarily halt the progression of time according to my own means. That’s why I paint (Colours), take photos (Moments) and write (Letters). The routes in your personal journey may vary, yet the ultimate destination remains consistent, “FLOW”

Long story short; my art is for flow…



What if the facade that we observe is not the complete truth, and that individual perspectives vary in their interpretation of the same scene?

Could it be that the purple color which you perceive is identical to the red color that I observe? I’m sure that we don’t see the same thing, but I can’t prove. Yes, he true essence of red and purple remains a mystery for us. On the opposing side, we might find reason to be thankful, as this could be the starting point for artistic independence.

Regardless of the creative process behind a painting, its narrative is fully realized upon being observed by the viewer. In other words, artistic process of a painting comes to a close not with the signature of the artist, but with the the minds looking at it. Currently present, you are invited to complete these incomplete artistic compositions.



What a beautiful freedom to be able to freeze the time with a single sound and movement of ‘shutter’. When I start my journey ten years ago, I realized that photography is not just capturing a frame, it is understanding and making sense of it.

While that moment will never come again, you will move towards new paths and new stories for the next time. When you realize that your awareness has increased , your life will no longer be as it was before. You will start to see, but it will not be enough.

Showing what is as it is is a great success today, but my way is different which is seeing the frame inside the frame. Sometimes to leave it incomplete, sometimes to show by manuplating it. Swinging in the abyss between looking and seeing. Come and share, let’s have a look what we see together.


Blog Yazıları

“I was going to write a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time,” said Blaise Pascal. One of my favorite quotes… I have a lot of time so I’ll write it short. It is assured that you will continually find an A4-format page of text on this site. No more, no less…

I don’t engage in extensive conversation. In fact, my efforts to expand my speaking have not resulted in notable advantages. Each carefully chosen word holds more sway than an extended discourse. At the end, spoken words fly away, written words remain.

Everyone has a story. I’ll share first but as a quid pro quo, please follow me. What is your story ?



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Between the time I describe myself and the time you read it, I will have become a different me than the one I already told you about. Moreover, even if we talk to each other right now, I will choose words carefully and you will see me as you want to see. So neither you nor I will not be talking about the real me. So let’s go through this part quickly. As for the answer, “I am nothing”

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